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Week Commencing: Mon 17th July 2017

AM Jess out - RSA Meeting 9.30-11am
AM Leavers Assembly Rehearsal this morning - No Hall
10.00am SLT Meeting
1.00pm Emotional Wellbeing Meeting 1pm (within school)
4.00PM Jess - EHCP Meeting

10.30am Amey onsite to measure up
AM Katie out - observing possible students (9.30am - 1pm)
- Laura from WBA to support classes with PE Outside - No Hall
AM Leavers Assembly Practice
PM Leavers Assembly

10.00am Secondary transfer meeting - Yr 5 Parents
AM Jon out - EMLC strategic board meeting (and some of PM)
- Katie - Parents visit
ALL Day Jess out - with 1LS

- No Laura from WBA

AM Emma out - until approx 10.45am
AM Tonia offsite 10.45am - 12pm
1.00pm Students Leave


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